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The Tsinandali Palace The Tsinandali Palace

WELCOME! To Tsinandali, one of the most remarkable country estates in Kakheti, Georgia. Tsinandali refers to four different phenomena: the Estate of Tsinandali, the village of Tsinandali, the Chavchavadze's summer home, and several vintages of white wine. Initially built during the 19th Century, the house, winery and gardens tell the story of a fascinating family: The Chavchavadzes. Their story beguiles and charms Georgians and foreigners.

The family patriarch, Alexandre, was a legendary figure who impressed all who met him. His knowledge, sophistication and integrity make him one of the most notable and beloved figures in the history of Georgia. He introduced Western values and innovations and contributed greatly to the devlopment of Georgian literature.

His wife’s and daughters' gracious hospitality and cultural pursuits also contributed to the country’s rich history and vibrant soul. Two of his esteemed daughters made impacts in the letters, arts, music and politics. Unfortunately, there is a dramatic and lamentable story related to his son, David, and David's immediate family which changed the Caucasus, a cauldron in which Georgia plays a key role.

The Smithsonian and the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia take pride in creating a site about the Chavchavadze family, a remarkable family that represents the highest aspirations of Georgians and made extraordinary contributions to the nation’s creativity, freedom, and vitality. This website is intended to raise questions about Georgia and its relationships to the West and about ideals of justice, morality, culture, and citizenship. Although it only explores selected aspects of the great Chavchavadze family, it may encourage others to discover more about the Chavchavadzes and other extraordinary Georgians.

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