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Prince Alexandre, Wife and Children

The main subject of this website is Alexandre Chavchavadze, a wealthy, brilliant, influential Georgian noble who was also a gifted diplomat, competent administrator, talented poet and astute businessman. His legacy, including his learned and refined children, is linked to the formation of modern Georgia and to the evolution of Georgia’s relationship with Europe. Although the Chavchavadzes’ prestige spread far beyond the borders of Georgia and Europe, the family lives on in the minds of Georgians.

The production of this site adheres to what the available sources relate, but numerous gaps remain. Unfortunately, few original records, photographs and objects belonging to the Chavchavadze family survived the destruction of Alexandre’s estate, Tsinandali, by Imam Shamil’s troops and the Red Army’s invasion of Georgia. Some of the statements presented here can not be verified, the chronology is sketchy, and the narrative is picturesque and wide-ranging. Hopefuly, excerpts presented here will result in additional careful and critical research with better sources of information and a fuller grasp of the social, political and economic realities of the time.

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